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Getting Started in HD DSLR Video - Part 3

For those just starting out in DSLR video, Vimeo staff member Andrea Allen and professional cinematographer Philip Bloom have put out a few video tutorials for setting up your camera and great tips to improve your camera skills. Here are the final 4 videos in the series. These videos are great for beginners like myself, and others, who want to get into and harness the video capabilities of their DSLR cameras. There are 8 videos in the series on Vimeo’s website. http://vimeo.com/videoschool/lesson/11/introduction-to-dslr-cameras

Video 5: Shooting Video with a DSLR

Video 6: Recording sound for DSLRs

Video 7: Timelapse with a DSLR

Video 8: Nighttime Shooting with a DSLR

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